Once a Chinese Emperor renounced his kingdom  and went to a Zen Master. He bowed down at his feet and said in tremendous humbleness and submissiveness, “I have renounced my kingdom.”

The Zen Master said, “it is better that you return to the Kingdom and possess it again.”

The Emperor was very disturbed. He said, “But, why? What do you mean? I gave up every penny I possessed.”

The Master said, “If you have really renounced it, then how can you say that you have renounced it? because real renunciation is simple understanding that nothing belongs to you. There is nothing to renounce.”


Renunciation is coming to know that you cannot possess anything. We are pilgrims on earth. So how can a pilgrim possess something? Be in the world, but  don’t be of the world.  Renouncing the world has to happen through understanding and awareness and not out of frustration or failure.  Renouncing anything becomes a transformation towards the higher level. Renounce anything while you are in the middle of it, and never when you are failing. Always renounce a thing when you are winning.


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