You are the Son of the Living God………….

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; what you prohibit on earth will be prohibited in heaven, 
and what you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.—-(The Bible, Mathew 16:19). 

“Who do you say I am?” Just as the first disciples, Christians today have to answer Jesus to remember who it is we trust, whom we follow and what we hope for from him. We too are animated by the same faith.
   Jesus, you are the Son of the living God. We believe you come from God. You can draw us closer to his Mystery as no one else can. From you we can learn to trust in him always, in spite of the questions, doubts and uncertainties which arise in our hearts. Who, if not you, will rekindle our faith in a God who is a friend? In the midst of the night that falls on your followers, show us the Father.
   Jesus, you are the Messiah, the great gift of the Father to the whole world. You are the best we, your followers, have, the most precious, the most desirable. Why is joy disappearing in your church? Why do we not welcome, enjoy, and celebrate your loving presence in our midst?Jesus, save us from sadness, and spread among us the contagion of your joy.
   Jesus, you are our savior. You have the power to heal our lives, and to direct human history to its ultimate salvation. Lord, the Church you love is sick. It is weak and antiquated. We lack the strength to journey into the future proclaiming powerfully your Good News. Jesus, if you will, you can heal us.
   Jesus, you are the Word of God made flesh. Greatly grieved and distressed at what is happening in this world you love, you have pitched your tent among us to denounce our sin and  to carry out the radical renewal we need. Stir up the consciences of your followers.  Rouse us from a religion that sedates and reassures us. Remind us of our first call and send us back to proclaim your kingdom and heal life.
   Jesus, you are our only Lord. We do not wish to have any other. The Church is yours only. We do not want to have other lords. Why do you not always occupy the centre of our communities? Why do we replace you with our leadership? Why do we keep your Gospel under wraps? Why are we deaf to your words if they are spirit and life? Jesus, to whom shall we go? You alone have the words of eternal life. 
   Jesus, you are our friend. That’s how you yourself called us even though we have almost forgotten it. You willed your church to be a community of friends. You gifted us your friendship. You gave us your peace. You gave it to us forever. You are with us to the end. Why is there such discord, distrust and conflict among your followers? Jesus, give us today your peace. We do not know how to find it.
Jesus is our only Lord

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