One hundred ways to Become Rich!


Once a man stopped Andrea Carnegie, who had gone for a morning walk in the garden. Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in America; the man who stopped him was looking like the very incarnation of a beggar. And the man said, “Please don’be be deceived by my appearance. I am an author, I have also written a book.” Andrew Carnegie asked, “What kind of book have you written?” The man said, “I have written a book entitled ONE HUNDRED WAYS TO BECOME RICH.”

Andrew Carnegie could not stop himself laughing. He said, “ONE HUNDRED WAYS TO BECOME RICH? And you are a beggar! What kind of book is this?”

The beggar started laughing, and he said, “This is the hundredth way of becoming rich—it is included in my book.”


We have the tendency to judge something by looking at the person and not his actions. Let the person be anyway he is. If I am able to draw some good out of it go for it rather than digging into the source. Why should I be bothered about it? When we encounter each situation ask a question to yourself, what am I going to gain from this? Is it going to be beneficial to my life or what is my gain? So be open to every person and situation which will turn each of us into better and more useful human beings in life.

No one is safe by his own strength, but he is safe by the grace and mercy of God– Saint Cyprian


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