God’s Love………………

A priest was on a voyage to the Holy Land. The cruise was almost for six months. One day the priest was standing on the deck and talking to an old man. They went on discussing many topics and many hours passed. As darkness was descending the priest bid good bye because it was time for him to recite his rosary. The old man also went to the other side of the deck and opened his prayer book and began to pray. As the priest was walking along the deck reciting the rosary, he was struck very deeply by a certain kind of halo around the old man as he prayed. The priest approached the old man and said unintentionally, “You must be very close to God.” The old man smiled and said, “Yes. Yes. He is very fond of me.”

God’s love is not one sided but it is a mutual give and take. If you love God, then you must be able to feel God’s love flowing towards you and feel His presence all around you. The more you are open to God the more your attitude becomes transparent and God’s love flows easily to you and your unconditional love to Him. When you are filled with God’s presence more winds of existence start flowing in and out of you. The culmination of God’s love is when you allow God to find you. The whole trip of prayer  and meditation is about feeling the presence of God.


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