What did we bring into the world? Nothing! What can we take out of the world? Nothing! (1 Timothy 6:7).

A wealthy man was on his deathbed. He called the priest and asked him: “If I donate a hundred million rupees to the Church, will I get to heaven?”
The priest answered:”There is no harm in trying, though I cannot guarantee you anything. Your wealth is going to be left behind, so why not try?”

The thought of death is the best brake one can apply to the wheels of a fast-paced life. The moment one thinks of death everything falls into different perspective and apprehensions follow. Why do I struggle in life? Why such foolish ambitions, greed and short-lived pleasures? I will not take anything with me! Nor will I hear my mourners weep or the band play the funeral march!

To the intellectuals talking about death makes one a pessimist. To the simple it makes one a realist.

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