Power of Prayer……..

 All of us need to touch Christ for some reason or other.

Here are some suggestions which will be helpful:

First, give God a chance. Take your problem, whatever it may be, to Him in prayer. Tell him all about it–just as if He did not know a thing. In the telling be absolutely honest and sincere. Hold nothing back..
There the second step is to believe that God will hear you. Remember that He heard the poor woman who only touched the hem of His garment. Believe with all your faith that He cares what happens to you. You must believe that. You can’t doubt it when you look at the Cross.
Next, you must be willing to wait patiently for the Lord. He does not answer every prayer on Sunday afternoon! You may have to wait until Friday. But wait. God is never in a hurry.
Then when He speaks to you–as He will- do what He tells you. He may not tell you audibly. You may not hear your voices–as did Joan of Arc. You may not see any writing in the sky or have any unusual experience. God could, if He wanted, send you messages in that way, but that is not His usual method.
It generally comes through your own conscience–a sort of growing conviction that such and such a course of action is the one. He wants you to take. Or it may be given you in the advice of friends of sound judgement–those who love you most.
God speaks sometimes through our circumstances and guides us, closing doors as well as opening them.
He will let you know what you must do, and what you must be.
He is waiting for you to touch Him.
The hand of faith is enough. Your trembling fingers can reach Him as He passes.
Reach out your faith — touch Him,
He will not ask, “Who touched me?”
He will know.

Peter Marshall

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