How do we Celebrate Jesus’ Birthday!

Christ sacrificed his life for the sake of those who put their faith in him. The birthday of Jesus must be celebrated by all mankind, for such Divine personalities who are born with a purpose belong to the whole human race. They should not be confined to a single country or community.

It is therefore appropriate that the birthday of Jesus, who felt the need to save mankind and who strove to achieve it, is celebrated. But, the celebration must take the form of adhering to the teachings, being loyal to the principles, practicing the disciplines, and experiencing the awareness of the Divine that he sought to arouse. The day must be dedicated to the purification of one’s passions and emotions through meditation on the virtues and values that Jesus held forth..

It is useless to pray just one day and forget God the rest of the year. That is an empty show; it does not emanate from the heart. We are true Christians only when we live according to the teachings of Christ and practice them in daily life. Even if we follow two teachings of his, that would be enough.

Jesus said” “Love everyone.” Christmas is celebrated, but how far does one practice love? There is love in everyone’s heart. Share it with at least ten persons every day. This seldom done. People are more keen on receiving than on giving. They are willing to give away only things which they do not relish. There is no sacrifice in this. Christ taught people to love all beings and serve all with compassion. It is only by practicing these ideals that one can truly celebrate his birthday. The seat of truth is in your heart, so the Divinity within should be reflected in every action. You must live in love and lead a life of selfless service based on love.

Carols and candles, readings from the Bible and acting out the incidents that surrounded Jesus’ birth are not enough to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Neither is it by festivity and fun that you should celebrate Christmas. Celebrate it rather, by resolving and putting into practice at least one of the ideals he enunciated, or endeavoring to reach at least one of the goals that he placed before man. Make your hearts pure, your activities holy, and your feelings beneficial to all. That is the best way of celebrating the Christmas.


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