Pain is a danger signal from the body; it means something is wrong. It means: slow down, or check that out, or stop and think.
C.S.Lewis wrote, “God wispers in our pleasure: He talks in our conscience; and He shouts in our pain.”
In times of good health we give ourselves credit for taking such good care of ourselves. So sometimes the Lord sends us pain to remind us of our dependency on Him.
The person who is always healthy is very intolerant of those who are not though no fault of their own. He or she is also usually a very bad patient….and will probably die without knowing what hit him.
One of the basic truths taught by the Bible is that God with us. Christianity teaches that in all the difficulties, problems and circumstances of this life, God is close by. We can talk to Him, lean on Him, get help from Him. In getting corret solutions to your probems it is necessary to go to a step further than believing this. One must actually practise the idea of God’s presence. Believe that God is as real as your closest friend: that He hears what you say to Him, and gives thought to the problems you put up to Him. If you believe and practise that faith, your solution will be correct, you will be guided to the truth, and this will come out right.

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