Control oneself to control the world

Many of us take control of our life and lose it. Then we turn to God. He enables us to find it and live it.
A learned man once walked through the forest with a map that directed him towards the end of his journey. But as he followed the directions he got lost in the deep forest, and with no help in sight he was anxious and frightened. Just then he saw  a man in tattered clothes walking with confidence. He approached him and enquired if he knew his way out. “Sure,” replied the traveller. “Follow me,” he said, However, the learned man hesitated. He doubted him. But the simple traveller ignored him and continued to walk. After a while the man followed him. When they reached the end of the forest and rested, the man found his poor companion had departed, leaving him a note: “Be simple in heart and God will lead the way in the darkest moments of your life.”
The whole nature of the universe was changed at your command 
so that your people would not be harmed. 
They saw the cloud over their camp and dry land where water had been. 
There was a grass-covered plain between the stormy waves of the Red Sea, 
making it easy for them to cross over.
All your people under your protection, saw this miracle and went across. 
(The Bible, Wisdom 19:6)

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