There lived a great atheist in Russia. He hung a board written in big block letters in his drawing room, “God is nowhere” to remind him constantly that he was a devoted atheist. His only little child was slowly growing, learning to utter words. “Nowhere” was a big word for the small child and he was trying to spell the word, so he said, “God is now here”,. He made two words out of “nowhere”– “Now, Here,” The great atheist father happens to hear these words and a sudden transformation took place in him and he became an ardent believer.

The truth lies in innocence and as we become mature the truth in us gets obliterated. We are exposed to so many circumstances where truth is negated, faith is ignored, and values are forgotten. Innocence is intrinsic and it is childlike. That is the reason Jesus said, unless you become like little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. When you are in the state of innocence there is nothing to hide and there are no blocks. You are spontaneous with natural flow of feelings and emotions. Most grown-ups cherish sweet memories of childhood. They even at some point crave to retreat to those bygone golden days. The reason is none other than our burning desire for innocence.

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