Love your Enemies………….

“You must love even your enemies,” declared Jesus. Jesus declared that there was nothing great about returning good for good; He said that you must do good even to those who harm you. The one who sees the good in others is equally blessed. Show love towards all.

To be friendly towards all beings is the duty of everyone, since the same God is there in all beings. Comprehending this truth, it is the duty of everyone born as a human being to do good to others on the basis of love. The more you love others, the greater will be the joy you experience. The more you develop hatred, the more miserable your life will be.

Any amount of good work done by you will be of no use if you do not give up bad qualities. If you cannot do good to others, at least speak good words. If you find someone suffering, try to help him. Today it is his turn. but tomorrow it could be yours. Always keep in mind. Nobody can escape from pain and suffering. Always pray for the welfare of all. You should cultivate the spirit of oneness.


Do what is right and fair;

that pleases the Lord more than bringing him sacrifices

(The Bible, Proverb 21:3)


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