Lord, let me speak the truth before the mighty and never tell lies just to earn the applause of the weak.


If you grant me wealth, don’t take away my reason; and if you give me success, don’t take away my humility. If you give me humility, don’t take away my dignity.


Help me always to see the other side of the coin: don’t allow me to blame others for not thinking the way I do. Teach me to love people as I love myself.


Don’t let me feel proud when I succeed or despair when I fail. Rather, let me remember that failure is the experience that comes before success.


Teach me that forgiveness is a sign of greatness and revenge is a proof of failure. If you take success away from me, give me the strength to learn from failure.


If I ever offend others, give me the courage to beg pardon. If others offend me, grant me the strength to forgive them.


If I ever forget you, my God, please, don’t you forget me!


Mahatma Gandhi always sought to identify himself with the poor of India, by living as simple and humble a life as possible. He avoided all forms of luxury and ostentation. Once he was asked why he always travelled by third class in railway trains, “Because there is no fourth class,” he replied.


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