Seek True wealth………

A king once asked his sage how to find lasting happiness. The sage said,”Sir, you must wear the shirt of a happy man for a day.” The king sent out messengers in search of a happy man. One of them was directed to a beggar who people said lived an extremely happy life. When he contacted the man, the messenger was highly impressed. The beggar certainly exuded happiness.
“Can you lend me your shirt for a day,” the messenger asked, “The king needs it.”
“I’m sorry,” replied the beggar, “I would have been delighted to oblige. But the fact is, I have no shirt.”

Jesus set no value on wealth or position. Once a rich man came to Jesus when he was in the house of Martha and Mary. The rich man told Jesus that despite all his wealth and possessions he did not have peace of mind. He was disturbed  by many worries and appealed to Jesus to show him a way out. Jesus told him:” There is a simple way but will you follow it? You have been accumulating riches and your worries have grown with them. What are you going to do with all this wealth, which some day you will have to leave behind? Distribute it among the poor and the needy and all your worries will go. Accumulate instead the wealth of God’s Grace through love of your fellowmen.” This is the message that has to be understood today–truth and Divine love constitute true wealth. All other forms of wealth, including the wealth of scholarship, are valueless. What you should seek is the earning of God’s love. You should regard all wealth as coming from God to be used for sacred purposes. All worldly pleasures are fleeting and momentary. Do not be proud of your youth, progeny and wealth.


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