Her Share of Glory…….

The man was decorating his new den and decided it was a good place to display all the awards he and his two sons had won at various athletic competitions.

When he had filled two whole walls, he remarked to his wife that it was a shame she had no awards to contribute.

The following day, she produced, neatly framed, the birth certificate of their two sons, and added them to the display.


A person’s talk shows his faults; it is like a sieve that separates out the rubbish. The way you think shows your character just as surely as a kiln shows any flaw in the pottery being fired. You can tell how well a tree has been cared for by the fruit it bears, and you can tell a person’s feelings by the way he expresses himself. Never praise anyone before you hear him talk, that is the real test (The Bible, Sirach 27: 4).

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