Pray from Love……………….

God is your real wealth and health.

Cultivate the spiritual discipline of prayer as a normal way of life. Prayers for worldly ends do not reach God. But, all prayers arising from pure love, from unselfish eagerness to render service, and from hearts that are all inclusive will reach God. Christ declared that God can be realized only through love. When love grows, you  can have a direct vision of God. Without love, prayers are of no avail. Realise that the love that is present in everyone is common to all. It is love that has brought you all together. It is the cord of love that has bound all of you. It is the unifier, the motivator and the bringer of joy to all. Therefore, develop love.

To illustrate how God responds to prayers. I will relate the story of a rich man with four wives who  expressed what they wanted him to get for them during the trip abroad. The first wife, who was spiritually enlightened, prayed for his safe return. The second wife wanted him to bring some sacred books. The third wife, who was ailing wanted him to get some medicines. The fourth wife, who was a “modern” asked him to get her sarees and jewellery. The merchant on his return gave the three wives what they wanted and stayed with the first wife because she had no other desire except to have him back.

God responds to prayers in the same manner. To those who aspire for wealth, He gives wealth. Those who seek knowledge. He will help them to acquire it. Those who are ailing and who pray to God will get the relief they pray for; God builds hospitals for their treatment. Those who pray to God for oneness with Him, will realize Him. This is the way God responds to the four kinds of prayer. If you have God with you, all other things are got easily. So, God is your real wealth and health


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