His Greatness……………

In the brightness of the glory of the Lord, all our problems turn to ashes and our wasteful and fancy castles crumble.


Our God is great in His person and qualities which are unfathomable. We read so much about Him and hear about the tremendous ways in which He works in the lives of His people which is overwhelming and exciting. Knowledge about our God thrills our hearts as He interferes in the course of events in this world to accomplish His purposes. He touches our lives moment by moment. Our busy schedules might limit our ability to sit and meditate on the greatness of our God, although we confess Him and worship Him. Even though Apostle John spent about 42 months with the Lord Jesus and saw the resurrected Lord on several occasions, when he saw Him in His true glory during the vision at Patmos, he was so taken aback by shock and surprise at His glory that he fell at His feet as though dead. There are such occasions in our lives when He reveals His greatness in our situations. These are the moments of truth when we see the Lord in great glory and get ourselves lost in the wonder and awe of Him. Job had such an experience of seeing the Lord’s greatness in his meditations during the days of his distress. He found the Lord magnificent in His glory, greatness, mercy, grace and compassion in spite of all the sad events which took place in his life. He found the Lord’s greatness higher than ever before even through his loss of children and wealth, ill-health, accusations from his friends, despising by his wife, loneliness and distress. He experienced the exceeding greatness of the Lord in spite of all his difficult circumstances and accepted all his sad experiences as a medium to see the Lord in His greater glory. So Job learned to love the Lord more intimately in spite of the events in life. He reached the moment of truth in his life when he realized that his personal life was only a shadow, but the greatness of the Lord is all pervasive and surpassing any thing else that he ever knew before. So Job confessed his nothingness and repented of his unworthiness before God.


My ears had heard of You but now my eyes have seen You. (Job 42:5)

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