Lesson in Love…….

God loves us not because we are good but because we are his children.


It was raining. The sky was dark, I knew the rain would not stop for at least an hour, so I took hold of a book and started to read. Soon I was distracted by a group of children playing in the muddy waters on the road below. A vehicle passed splashing water on the boys. They shouted, ran after the car and then went back to playing. A woman in a tattered saree crossed over, picked up one of the little boys and lovingly kissed him oblivious of the mud and dirt. I opened my book and through a strange coincidence the quote in front of me was one by Rabindraanath Tagore: “I do not love him because he is good but because he is my little child.” God loves us not because we are good but because we are his children. God has decided to love us. I consider myself fortunate for the amount of love I have received from family, friends, and neighbours.


I asked God to keep my friends happy.
God said: Ok, but only for 4 days!
I replied: Ok, Summer, Spring, Rainy & Winter days!
God said: No, only 3 days!
I replied: Ok, yesterday, Today & Tommorrow!
God said: No, Only 2 Days!
I replied: Ok, Day & Night!
Finally God said: No, I will give you only 1 day!
I replied: Ok, Everyday!
God smiled and said: Ok, done!
Thus, all my near and dear ones will be happy everyday for the year 2012 & for the years to come….
Enjoy the Day filled with His Love!

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