Heaven and Hell………………….

Two theologians from different Christian denominations differed about heaven and hell because one believed in it while the other said it was a myth. They decided to pursue their theories for a month before debating the subject. On their way to the parking lot they met Jesus standing near their vehicles, “Lord, Jesus!” exclaimed one, “my friend here thinks heaven and hell is a myth and he is trying to convince me of that. We are setting out on a fact-finding mission. Now that we have met you please enlighten us on the matter.”

Jesus looked at both straight in the eyes with the same loving look he gave Peter when he denied him and replied: “Why do you waste your precious time on earth indulging in idle conversations about the incomprehensible and why do you worry about things that do not confer you? Devote your time to loving, caring and sharing. Love, love and only Love.”


A young boy went to a Master to study meditation. “How long will it take me to master the art?” he asked. “Ten years at least,” replied the Master. “Ten years is a long time,” protested the boy. “What if I worked doubly harden than all your students?” “Twenty years,” said the Master. “No seriously, what if I practise day and night putting in all have into it?.” Thirty years,” replied the master. Why do you keep increasing the figure each time I say I will put in more effort? the boy asked. “Simply because when you have an eye on the goal, you have only one eye left with which to find your way.”


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