God’s Plan……..

When snake is alive, snake eats ants. When snake is dead, ants eat snake. 
Time can turn at any time. Don’t neglect anyone in your life. 

Once a King was travelling through the countryside. He happened to notice birds eating grains of wheat. Suddenly an idea flashed through his mind. “My God, how many million pecks of wheat these birds must be consuming yearly? Yes. This cannot be tolerated. They have to be eliminated. That is the only way to save the crops.” He went back to the palace and put forth the issue before the council for some solution to eradicate the birds,. They came to a consensus that the only way was to kill the birds. So the King gave a shoot at sight order to every citizen. All the citizens were carrying either gun or bow and arrow to destroy the birds. They succeeded in the mission finally after a few months of hunting. They could hardly find any birds in the country. No birds came to the field to peck. They could not hear the chirping of birds in the morning or settling sounds in the evenings. The King was happy and thought he had done a great service to humanity–a conquest over nature.

However, every happiness and joy was lost in the following year when he was told that locusts and other insects had eaten the crops. Birds go on eating locusts and other insects and without birds the whole rhythm of life was destroyed. And the absence of birds gave a great feast to the locusts and other insects. The King understood his foolishness and instantly made necessary arrangements to bring birds from neighbouring countries. And the king apologized before the whole Kingdom by saying,

“Certainly I have made a mistake. God knows what he is doing.”

What can I offer to the Lord for all his goodness to me? (Psalms 116:12)

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