J.Miller : Critic as host

J. Miller: Critic as Host

J. Miller’s point of departure was from the literary theory known as structuralism which was put forward by Ferdinand Saussure and his theory of language as a system of signs. He uses the word parasite that necessitates the presence of a guest. Every text has to be read univocally which is metaphysical or obvious reading and deconstructive reading. There is no originality for a text. Every text points to inter-textuality. There is an inevitable duality in the interpretation and analysis of the text. Every text points to another text. It is a dialectical process where parasite ( deconstructive reading) becomes the host and vice versa.

Although every text is creative, it can’t deny the presence of a duality latent in it. It sheds much light into platonic idealism. There is no relevance to presence without the presence of absence. Metaphysics and nihilism go hand in hand. They are reciprocal and mutually fulfilling. We cannot comprehend a reality without positing this duality. A univocal reading is impossible without deconstructive or close reading. Every reading is a sublimation of the text. The critic as a host, through his reading, to say, deconstructive reading becomes the author of the text another text which is going to be written thereafter.


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