old is mud! Pondicherry experience!!!

The saying is that ‘old is gold’ but in Pondiicherry, it is just like mud. Old people roam around the streets asking  for money. Nobody is there to take care of them. They might have shouldered the entire family when they were young! consumerism is the villain. it made them good for nothing as they don’t produce anything. Let them wait for their eternal good bye to this world!

The other day again, I happened to witness and incident where one lady of 87 years was thoroughly beaten by a middle aged lady. Later when I probed into  that incident, I came to know that the latter was a relative of the former. There were many spectators to the incident and they didn’t even move a little finger against it. I also controlled myself because I thought it was nobody’s affair.Moreover, I did not want to degrade myself by poking my nose into somebody’s business.

It is not an odd incident. It happens not only in India. It happens through out the world. It is an after effect of growing consumerism where people make use of others and throw them away when it is found that people are not able to contribute anything. It is a growing trend. When it happens to others we squint our eyes and when it occurs in our own houses we deliberately ignore them. Who is to be blamed? Society? Human education? Civilization? I don’t know.

Instead of lamenting on darkness, let’s light a candle. Think what we can do in this regard. Is it justice to take for granted those who have sacrificed their entire life for us. Are we aware that the same fate is awaiting us? Do you think that we will be benefited and protected by our material possessions? The materials possessions that we think would give us a secure life in future is a myth. We too will have to face old age, death and separation. Man is not fulfilled by bread alone he is fulfilled by some spiritual needs too.

To sum up, let’s decide to be more considerate and kind to elderly people. Make a good situation for them to leave gracefully and benignly from this world? Let’s give them a grand adieu. Let’s protect them, remember that they protected and took care of us forgetting even themselves and their personal needs.Let those who have years may hear. Let those who have eyes may say. Let those who have insight may meditate on this. And the world will be a better place to live in tomorrow. Let’s join our hands together for that! All the best!




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