talk to inspire you…


fear is the root cause of all evilsThe other day, when I became much frustrated without find any meaning in my existence, with all its struggles and hardships, I turned to some books for solace and solutions. The book that I got was named, “The Integral Yoga” which shed much insights into human existence and the ways to enlightenment. it taught me the following:

1. Happiness lies in moral living.

2. The harder the life, the better it is.

3. There is great satisfaction in saying no to worldly comforts, pleasures and joys for greater spiritual fulfillment.

4. The food that one eats determines one’s spiritual destiny.

5. Man is not body alone.

6. There is no end to human life which attains bliss.

7. Bliss is attainable.

8. Make others happy is the way to make oneself happy.

9. There is greater happiness in giving rather than taking.

10. Human happiness is social and team effort.

11. Lead a very simple life to be happy and contented.

12. Never compromise with sincerity, purity for mean pleasures.

13. Radiate positive energy with lasting contentment in what we are and and what we have.

14. Celebrate the uniqueness every moment.

15. Do little things perfectly to become perfect.

16. Make self-discipline a habit.

17.Start exploring your own possibilities

18. Forget yourself for the betterment of others

19. live close to nature

20. Meditate daily

21. Take one task at time

22. Try to concentrate in what you do

23. love what you do

24. Let not money be your priority

25. Be a role model to others

26. Be a light to others

27. Radiate positive energy

28. Associate with good people.

29. Live in the present moment

30. Rely on your own intuitions rather than focusing on what others think about you.

31. Don’t try to please everybody.

32. Live a life that you decide.

33. Learn from your experience.

34. Weigh value than possessions.

35. life is only once and live it fully.

36. Don’t procrastinate.

37.Make a living out of your sweat.

38.Go ahead of your dreams.

39.Have realistic dreams.

40. Work for you personal betterment daily.




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