health is wealth!

One strange thought is  always haunting me- what is most important thing in life? Is it money? Is it power? Is it human relationship? Is it wisdom? Is it charactor? Is it self-actualization? Is it health? I have had many answers hitherto-although none of them is 100 percent satisfactory. However, None of the above is really fulfilling the individual except  self- actualization. But all of them play a vital role in leading us into self-realization. Man has to be taken in all his totality and fullness, Life cannot be fragmented. It is a unity. One who finds this unity is better than others in terms of happiness and meaningful human existence. 

The pivotal question that is to be answered is: Who is really healthy? Apart from those authentic definitions by WHO, I would like to come up with a personal definition of it. Health is ‘ equanimity of one’s mind, body and spirit ‘. It is found in harmony. It is the absence of chaos. It is a consistent feeling of well-being. The mind is undisturbed. Body is sound. Spirit of each one is kindled every moment.

A person who is very clear about himself, having a good relationship with others and god can be considered a healthy. A wealthy person may not be healthy in this point of view. An influential person also may not be really healthy in such a perspective. A person with good appearance may not be also healthy in this view. A happy person could be healthy and a healthy person must be happy. Man is a not made up of body alone. Therefore a person who is physically fit need not necessarily be healthy. Health thus more encompassing. It is a holistic concept.

The person with the following values shall be considered healthy:-

  1. humility
  2. simplicity
  3. basic contentment
  4. solidarity
  5. sympathy
  6. empathy
  7. docility
  8. integrity
  9. fraternity
  10. audacity
  11. endurance
  12. Purity
  13. Optimism
  14. farsightedness
  15. unbiased behaviour
  16. self-actualization                                                                                                                        To be healthy is also a divine providence. Sometimes, if we are careful also, accidents can happen to us. We may be succumbed to diseases  although we are careful an vigilant.However, it is indisputable that health is wealth. Every one wants to be healthy. Think of the classic saying, ” Healthy mind exists in a healthy body”. A healthy body is a pre-requisite for any intellectual activity because a person who is sick might only be thinking of his body. Ho won’t have an inclination and interest to think about anything else.  Now a days, some people go to some work outs or physical fitness centres or gyms thinking that they would make them healthy. It is a wrong notion.                                                                                                                                 The reason why it is wrong is that in those centres, they are not taught how to discipline their mind and spirit. For that one has to meditate, read, and train the mind and soul periodically. There are some spiritual books which would do that. One book which worked for me was ” 50 Spiritual Classics” which I happened to read recently. Every page of that book is inspiring and illuminating.                                                  Have a healthy day!


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