Why is India a land of rape and abuses on women ?

women abuseThere are many reasons behind this violence against women and children in India and every news paper in India is flooded with such news everyday. Gang rapes, mental torturing and child labour are on the increase. We frame many laws when such incidents occur but we conveniently forget and ignore them in the course of time.

At the grass root level our families are the first platform where values are taught. Virtue begins at home. The values such as mercy, compassion, human consideration, respect are inculcated at home. The second one is school where one gets in touch with others. In schools value education and moral lessons must be made compulsory.

Indian cities have become insecure for women. A woman walking in the streets after 9.P.M are either considered as prostitutes or people squint at them. Why is India so cruel to man.I think our culture has always subjugated women. They were denied freedom of movement and expression in a male dominated society. Every day, from national dailies to local ones, try to fill in their pages with such incidents of abuse such as rape, molestation and torture. It is sadistic to say that many read only those pages. They get some gratification by doing so. Why can’t our mdedia project good pictures of women rather than showcasing those mean activities. These abuses are taking place everywhere in the world. However media is cautious in projecting them in an exaggerated manner.

I think, most of the abuses happen at homes. The close relatives of the women are the first ones to abuse them. The cleansing of such a trend should therefore begin at homes. In every household, the dignity of women must be upheld. The women must be protected. Women are our mothers and sisters. They deserve a better treatment from everyone. It is a sine qua non fact. Keep in mind-virtue begins at home. The law makers and those who safe-guard them should be . orientated towards this end. The police must be vigilant. They should see that those criminals should be adequately punished. There must be laws made exclusively to protect women. In Kerala, the most literate state in Kerala such laws are promulgated. Unfortunately even there we find everyday incidents of women abuse. Newspapers are filled with such news and people enjoy reading them. It is high time that every individual makes a deliberate attempt at this regard.

There must be freedom with responsibility. That would freedom is not a licence to do what one wishes but it is freedom to act, speak, and think with social commitment and responsibility towards others. Live and let others live.


womn abuse 2Modern media also must be controlled and checked. Programmes must be checked and censored. Media, instead of highlighting violence in the society, it should also show positive things happening around. After all, everything is not black over here. There is a ray of hope. I am optimistic and I visualize a prosperous India, may be in a decade or two.

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