Marriage essentials

Marriage should be a duet-when one sings, the other claps–Joe Murray


On a cold night in December a couple was sitting either side of a bonfire to warm themselves. Their pet dog and cat were lying between them blinking at the fire. Suddenly the wife said, “Look dear, how peacefully and quietly our dog and cat get along together. Why can’t we do that?”
“That’s all right,” said the husband, “but just you tie them together and see what happens.”

Marriage is fusion of two persons in synchronicity or merging of two hearts into one. Nowadays marriages are mere instruments for security. Married life demands adjustment and cooperation. Marriage and selfishness are not compatible. It is a life of devotion to each other sharing and mutual caring–it entails sacrifice–and then comes joy and happiness in married life. Marriage is a total merging of two I-centric personalities into We-centric who mutually enrich and grown to the fullness of love.

At this modern culture, marriage has become an old -fashioned thing now. The time has done irreparable damages to such an oldest institution of human beings that it has been branded as a symbol of adjustment, and social insignia. The real pillars of marriage are five.

  1. Mutual understanding
  2. Reciprocal living
  3. Sacrifice for the other
  4. Concern and love for the other
  5. Openness and loyalty                                                                                                                                   If these pillars are jeopardized, the institution of marriage would be endangered. It would be in ruins. If the institution of marriage is endangered the entire human civilization in its totality would be devastated. It will lead to total annihilation and void.  Therefore, I would like to reiterate the fact that man would become an innocent prey to modern cultural influences of consumerism, mechanism and technological obsession.                                                                                                                                    I have seen many couples who have successively  50 or 60 years of married life. They have a unique characteristic in common- they lived for each other. Their differences shortened. Their similarities increased. Eventually, they became one in every thought, word and deed. They loved unconditionally. They accepted each other and felt proud of their individual uniqueness.  They tried to fulfill each other. They have come for a consensus but they tried to understand each other. It is in giving that they found pleasure and fulfillment.                                                                                                                    There were differences in their opinion. Their similarities were much stronger than their differences. They could help each other in times of trouble and hardships. They tried to accept each other as they are. It’s very important for a marriage life to be successful that the couples understand and respect each other.                                                                     To sum up,the success of the institution would determine the fate of entire humanity. Our civilization is heading towards a turning point in history. There is going to be a great come back of all the values and wisdom got lost on the way. People would finally return to their original pristine purity. They would again find consolation in peace and harmony. They would again live in happiness. I hope I would be alive to witness those days of prosperity and harmony!

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