End of the World scenarios

Every year people talk of the end of the world quoting some predictions of some prophets. However, all of them prove to be false eventually as their predicted day go unnoticed! In 2012, many believed that world would come to an end and it was reiterated by Mayans and their calender which ended in the year and there was total annihilation afterwards. In 2000, many people believed that the world would come to an end and it was based on an assumption that Christ would return after 2000 years for the Judgement day. Still there are many brochures of some so called ‘christian missionaries’ who speak of the apocalypse and and the end of the story anecdotes.

Where is the truth?

The end of the world theories are triggered by the belief that everything that has a beginning must have an end. Human life, for example, begins with birth and ends in death. Every living organism meets with death. Therefore, human beings assumed that the world would end one day. Nevertheless, look at it from another ankle, if there had been no beginning to the world, it wouldn’t end. There is no Alpha and Omega. It is only a process. The world is dialectic as all the heavenly bodies are cyclic. Even God is dialectical and cyclic. The concept of God is also evolving. That is why we find amendments in every human law.

The world never comes to an end. It transforms itself from one state to another. In one phase there may be living organism and in another phase there may not be. Human beings are just a passing phenomenon as every organism is a passing entity. There is nothing like perfection. Everything  is evolving itself to be perfect. You may think that I would continue this article in this fashion. No. I’ m going to predict the end of mankind and not the end of the world now. The total annihilation of human being from the face of the earth is imminent. It is at our doorsteps. We are heading towards it. The grand finale is on January 26, 2015.

The reasons for the above hypothesis are as follows:

1. The antithesis of Christianity is Islam. Its fundamentalism has now reached its peak. The Islamic State in Iraq would give way to a great destructive movement to which one third of the world would be attracted. Consequently, one third of the population would be militants and they would lead to a third world war in which there will be a war between two main religions Christianity and Islam. Although other religions and other irreligious people and countries would try to stay away from the mainstream of war, they will eventually be dragged to the war and it would end in just 10 days. The total catastrophe would happen on January 26, when the world would wage a nuclear war leading to total annihilation. There is yet another possibility that some individuals would survive as they may hide in the space or in some adjacent planets.

So be ready to face total death and annihilation on January 26.


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