Clean India- a myth and a far cry

clean india 2

‘Clean India Campaign) ( swach bharat) is going on in our country with pomp and gaiety. Celebrities and politicians  make a show out of it. They end up as mere programmes and after such workshops, the areas become dirty over again. I often wonder when I visit our homes. They are neat and tidy. Absolutely neat! However, when we step out of the house and walk in the street you, start closing the nose, it stinks! Why? It is no man’s island. We start spitting once step out of our homes. Remember there are countries where spitting in the street is a punishable offence.

clean indiaIt is because of the vastness of the country. Think that such an alarming population of almost 1.3 billion people start cleaning their surroundings! India will be the cleanest part of the world. I don’t deny the fact that there are some Indian villages that follow it. Congratulations to them. The incredible India can achieve it provided each of us deliberately make an attempt in this regard. Stop littering at public places. Consider them as our court yard and our houses. Deposit the waste in the bins available. It is recommended that a dust bin be kept at every 500 meters in every cities so that the waste can adequately deposited.

Another course of action could be recycling the waste. Minimize the use of plastics and other polluting materials and substances. Learn to live with minimum essentials. Teach our kids the lessons of cleanliness as it is next to godliness. The personal cleanliness must be converted to social cleanliness. Plant trees that the places for litter may be diminished.

I have seen in many villages people defecate in public. Formulate strict rules to curb such a practice. Build public lavatories. At least in common places like bus stand and railway stations, make the police vigilant to forbid people from urinating and defecating in public. Have a proper drainage system. Dispose the waste in a proper way. All these have been proved effective. However, unless this awareness of cleanliness is generated in each individual there won’t be any permanent remedy for this. I would remain a myth and far cry in failing such an endeavour.

clean india 2Let’s not stop with some celebrations of Clean India campaigns; rather let’s shoulder it till the goal is achieved- a pure and clean India- an incredible India in all respects. Such a country would make each citizen proud. Indians are proud of their rich and varied heritage. Clean India will be another feather in our cap. It will glorify India.


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