Wherein lies the beauty?

The Beauty in its Creator…………

On a hill resort, one summer morning, a mail-man and a young boy delivering newspapers crossed paths and greeted each other. After a while both happened to stop as if by mutual consent, at a spot overlooking the valley.”Which house do you live in?” the mail-man asked.”Don’t live in a house,” the boy quickly replied. ‘I live in a home.”The main-man looked surprised, “What’s the difference?”The young lad pointed a hand to the rising sun. “The sun there shines ON a house,” he said, “but it shines IN a home.

Look at the rainbow and praise its Creator! How magnificent, how radiant, its beauty! Like a bow bent by the hands of the Most High, it spans the horizon in a circle of glory. He commands, and snow begins to fall; lightning strikes to carry out his judgments. The storerooms of the sky are thrown open, and the clouds roll out like flying birds. With his power he forms great masses of clouds and shatters the ice into hailstones.  He speaks, and thunder twists the earth in pain; the mountains are shaken by his strength. Whenever he wishes, the south wind blows, whirlwinds come, and windstorms from the north. (The Bible, Sirach 43:13). 


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