Lead a life with a difference…


I would like to comment on a quotation that I heard recently, “Winners don’t do different things but they do things differently”. I mused on that. First of all it gave me an insight that there are different things to do. Second thought is that there are many people to do things. The only difference is in the way things are done.Actions are same but doers and manner in which they are done are different. I have read about many who have taken up adventurous sports and trips to make a difference. I have also read about some individuals who chose anonymity to make a difference.

For instance, St. Theresa of Lissiue excelled in spirituality in leading a simple life with perfection. St. Paul on the other hand lead a risky and eventful life to reach the zeninth of Spirituality. When I read the biography of St. Alphonsa, the first St. of the Catholic Church from India, I understood that she chose the first path. The greatness lies not in the deeds but the way in which they are carried out. Perfection is the criterion to judge greatness and sublimity.

Going back to my childhood, I dreamt of becoming popular and I was a social recluse. Now I realize that I need to be more humble and simple to be great. The sun cannot be hidden. Its light is its own manifestation. It has its own light. Whereas the earth hasn’t any light of its own. That is why it experiences darkness half of the day. There are stories of the earth experience darkness for six days in December 2014. It would happen also as a result of some solar phenomenon. The earth has nothing to do with it.

Those who have light in themselves will shine and it cannot be latent or dormant. It will be manifested promptly. Life is a gift and every moment is a wonder for a person who takes it with simplicity, humility, gratitude and a sense of good curiosity. For others, it becomes a race. It ceases to be an enjoyable one. They are still seeking fulfillment forgetting that they are already fulfilled. Life is natural. Man is born with basis contentment. Open your inner eyes to experience it. Open your ears to listen to the sound of your subtle being within.

You will find a difference in your lives instantly! And keep going! The great days are ahead of you. Your state of being sick, aged, separated, poor would vanish with such a realization. Instead, you would regain the happiness with which you are born! have a nice day!


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