My favourite tacher

He entered elegantly,

hadn’t asked me to open any ‘note book’ or ‘text book’;

Rather pleaded to open our hearts.

He benignly opened his heart,

The blackboard started filling with his illustrations,

which made us confused in the books with scary looks’

He spoke little and demonstrated more.

His anecdotes had reality touch with simplicity,

What we imbibed without any difficulty.

He encouraged questions but we hadn’t any

As his explanations were self-explanatory.

We waited for his turn, lamenting those squinted ones.

those spoke with a sticks, shouts and yells.

We took our exams confidently and at ease,

He included everything to appraise.

We nicknamed him,” The Scientist” and that was

the sublimest word we could coin to address him.

When he left with contentment gently,

Our hearts would sigh ” Again hell”

After all these years, being a teacher,

I do try to imitate him, most of the time in vain


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