Recipe-‘Breakfast to (mind)

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I am very happy to introduce this delicious dish’s recipe.

Ingredients needed:-

1. Positive thoughts about you -5

2. Encouraging thoughts about others-5

3. Feeling of gratitude-1

4. Pranayama ( controlled breathing)

5. Meditation-1

6. Yogasanas- relaxations like savasana- as required


Get from sleep at 5.20 AM.Attend to your natural needs. Come to an open room where you are alone. Do some simple physical exercises like stretching of hands, rotating the head, neck, ankles, knees, wrist, waist, for five minutes. Then lie down in Savasana (Dead Body Posture).Practice Pranayama. Different breathing exercises through nose. Abodominal beathing can also be practiced for five minutes. Again come back to savasana. wait the breathing be normal.

Start listening to the sound of your respiration. Then listen to the sound of your body whatever is possible. Generate 5 positive thoughts about yourself. Have also 5 thoughts about others. Bring into your mind a sens of gratitude. Thank god for giving you life, to be alive for one more day.Meditate for some more time till you are quiet, calm and relaxed. Take a strong breath. And slowly emerge from meditation, And start your day.Total time required is 30 minutes.



1. Gives the necessary exercise for your body for the rest of the day.

2. All the external and internal systems of your body is relaxed and revitalised.

3. Gives a good start to the day.


1. Mind is quietened.

2. Negative thoughts disappear.

3. Free the mind from the influence of scary dreams.

4. Increases mental power.

5. Give insights.

6. Mental  harmony

7. New energy to life.

8. Mind is strengthened.

9. Illumines the heart.


1. Improves concentration.

2. Increases logical reasoning.

3. Emotions give way to intelligent living.

4.  Improves decision making skills.

5. Improves analitical skills

This breakfast, apart from all these benefits has a unique power to heal yourself. It cures diseases. It can be practiced by anybody. Age and sex is not a barrier. Practice it everyday for better results. If you don’t have time, have it at least twice in a week. Serve to others also gently. It doubles the effect. Enjoy!


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