7 tips that would make you rich who others envy for ever

All those who have never found the happiness of being oneself, in self-actualization or ‘nirvana’ in Indian philosophy, are striving hard in pursuit of money, thinking that it would bring them happiness and joy. Those little percentage (less than 1%) don’t go after money, power or glory.

This post is intended to the rest of the people (more than 99%) who take money as a desirable and good commodity. It’s a necessary thing for them. Here are the seven steps to become a kubera (god of wealth in India).

Step 1. Stop following money Let money follow you.

Many people are illusioned and are trying hard to amass money by following every steps to make money. They work hard. Save money. Do business. Invest in stocks. The fact is that they never become really rich. However, those who really make money never follow it. Making money wasn’t their sole aim. Instead money followed them as they tried to do what they loved and loved what they did.

Step 2. Follow your passions and dreams

Your passions and dreams decide who you are. It is in them your real potentialities and talents lie. Explore them, actualize them. Try to set them as your priority. Don’t follow the crowd. But be yourself. The net result  is – You become extremely rich!

Step 3. Live and work in a place where you  can be free

It is very important where your home is. Your residence and the society or community in which you are in would determine your happiness. Your happiness influences your performance. You need an encouraging and positive environment to flourish. Associate with good people. Start any ventures without fear of loss. A good community supports you in times of trouble. They would appreciate your work when you proper. Be in such a community and money would naturally follow you.

Step 4.Consider money as a means and not as an end

Money is not a product. but is a by product. It is a bonus for those who do well in life. It’s a sum total of one’s quality in life. If you lead a simple life with limited wants then you will definitely become rich. Never be greedy. Be contented with what you have. Luxuries are sticky. The more luxurious you are the less happy you are. You long for more. If one considers money as an end, it makes one crave more, to make money more and that is destructive. It will fire back. On the other hand excel in what you do and money will follow.

Step 5. Lead a simple and humble life which is the happiest

Simple life has limited wants. When you have limited wants you spend less. The more you spend the less you save. Moreover, simple life is the happiest. A person with humble disposition creates no jealousy in others. His good life has its own reward. A humble person never competes and compares with others. He is happy in himself without generating envy in others.

Step 6. Be a judicious user of money

It is said that money is a bad master. But if you use judiciously you can be the master of it. Don’t be enslaved to money. Let money be your faithful servant. Keep distance from him. Make use of him. Let him work for you than you work for him. Let him serve you with loyalty. Manipulate and exploit him. He will do wonders for you.

Step 7. Give money so that you get it back.

Above all respect money. It will respect you. It will elevate you. It never betrays. you. It is like a mirror. It reflects you. They way you give the way you receive. Therefore be ready to be gentle with him. Be prudent with him. He also shall be prudent with you.

See you as a billionaire in the years to come!

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