Child Therapy

Hellow all,

I am very happy to introduce an alternative healing technique. It is the cheapest, happiest and easily accessible method of healing. All that you need a child aged between 1-4 and two eyes to see it. Many successful and happy human beings have been practicing it in-deliberately and deliberately. People who rely on English Medicine please excuse me because it has unprecedented consequences in the patients. People who rely on drugs for treatment excuse me because such treatment also would have  bare consequences.This healing method has zero side-effects. It costs nothing other than time.

It starts with a simple decision to spend at least one hour with a child. Look at the child. Watch its movements. Try to imitate him/her as closely as possible. Never think of anything. Be involved with the child. Slowly you would see that you become like child-radiating joy, happiness, ease, smile, enthusiasm, energy, etc. You will become child-like. There are saints who attained this state of mind without spending time with children. For example, St. Theresa of Lessiex and St. Alphonsa.

There are two things avoided during the treatment. Never try to monitor the child. Leave the child free. Interfere only when it is about to land into self-destructive tasks. Interfere less and observe more. Never try to teach anything to the child. Let the child be your teacher during the treatment. The child would teach you many things. It will show you the meaning of life. It will sublimate you. It will make you illumined and enlightened. It will show you who you are!


2 thoughts on “Child Therapy

  1. Good thought Bijosh..I agree with you fully…children can teach us much more than any educational institute…keep up the good work..

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