Fortune Favours the Bold

Some people say that the success of a person in  a particular endeavour is totally based on luck. This is basically a crime because it belittles the hard work of an enthusiastic person. It is true that we cannot completely deny the role of luck and fate in life. But it would be an utter foolishness to attribute everything to fate and run away from one’s own responsibilities. Those who are courageous will appear more fortunate because they will face the challenges of life and emerge victorious. A narrow-minded person will be pessimistic and therefore, he won’t be able to reach the peaks of excellence. A man with negative thoughts is like a poisonous snake, which prefers to be hidden in  a hole. Whereas, a courageous man of actions can be rightly compared to an eagle which flies high to conquer the peaks.
Everything comes from the Lord; success and failure, poverty and wealth, life and death. Wisdom, understanding, knowledge of the Law, love and the doing of good deeds—all these come from the Lord. (Sirach 11:14).

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