Peace on Earth

Let me be an instrument of Thy peace, O Jesus.

On New Year’s Day, 1953, a woman started on foot from Los Angeles to New York. Her purpose was to present a peace petition to the United Nations. She traveled for a year, averaging about 25 miles a day. She detoured on her trek to touch the Mexican and Canadian borders. Finally, after a 5000 mile transcontinental walk, she arrived in New York. She said, “I intend to be a wanderer on the face of the earth until mankind has learned the way of peace.”

You don’t have to walk from one end of the country to the other to be a missionary of peace. Jesus Christ gave a formula for “peace on earth” that can be put to work anywhere. When enough people can be found who are of such good will that they bring these divine principles into their own thoughts, words and deeds, and apply it to the world as far as they can reach, then will mankind experience that precious peace for which all men yearn.
There is something that you can do today in your home, classroom or office, in your shop, in your farm or anywhere else that will clearly show you are determined to be a zealous apostle of peace.
“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom he is pleased!” (Luke 2:14).

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