Alphonsamma (St. Alphonsa) -Kerala’s Little Therese!


We used to call her ‘Alphonsamma’ (mother Alphonsa). It was time when TV was becoming an influential media at households.There were stories about her and Vellamkannni Matha in one channel and my parents used to watch it. Later, when I got chance to read about St. Therese of Lisieux, I found a similarity between them. They both excelled in spirituality with the following principles:




  • Simplicity
  • Childlike dependence on God
  • God as father and oneself as the child.
  • Humility.
  • Eagerness to suffer for God.
  • Indifference to worldly pleasures.

Last year, I attended a five day retreat at Barananganam where her mortal remains lie. It was really a unique experience. At the end of the retreat I was a refreshed, and illumined person. I received some insights about life and spirituality.  I had an urge to change my life-style. I examined my life thoroughly and got ready to amend my ways.




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