National Integration

National integration means combining all the people of a nation into a single entity or a whole. It is a particular sentiment that binds together all people of a country in one common bond no matter what their religion, language  or history is. National integration consolidates all the diverse loyalties into one national unity.

It is a strong cementing force whereby all kinds of people live together peacefully and can identify themselves as a part of single identity. “We belong to India. India is ours.” This feeling constitutes the basis of India’s national Integrity. It implies a sense of belongingness as feeling of togetherness and of unity. Indian civilization has survived through the ages despite temporary set-backs.

India is a vast country with vast population. If Indians get united this great force with all its great natural resources can carry the whole  world with us. However, the worst tragedy that has devoured up India is complete national disintegration. The History of India presents a very poor record of national integration. Disunity is the most old evil. The British regime in India made the first attempt at the unification of the whole country. Indians for the first time began to feel a kind of attractive bond between themselves.

Though today India is a free country, that spirit of unity appears to have evaporated. which made people think that hey are one family and one nation. The crying need of the hour is national integration for a developing country like India. Keeping our feet firmly on the ground we should bring about the integration of the Indian people. But, attachment to caste and commodity is given priority over devotion to the motherland. There are several obstacles in the way of national integration of our country. The most formidable obstacles are linguism, commun ism and regionalism. India is a multi-lingual country. The Language  controversy started with Hindi being given the place of official language of India.

Commununalism is a an another obstacle. There have been communal riots in the country even after the partition. This is a poison deeply rooted in our polity. Aggressive regionalism has gravely undermined the feeling that the whole of India is the homeland of her inhabitants. It is now time to remember those great leaders who gave us the golden commodity-freedom crowned as our motherland. But it is beyond doubt that the the threats of disintegration are the black clouds surrounding us. If we do not sink petty differences our freedom is in peril. Divisions on the basis of language or community will  have serious repercussions.

We must realize that we have the strong bond of same cultural heritage  and must not let ourselves fall apart and disintegrate. Toleration, co-operation and feeling of brotherhood should guide us in maintaining the national unity of our country.

Once Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said- ”

There is no division between North and South, East and West of our country. There is only one India which all of us are inheritors, it belongs to all of us.”


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