29 Tips for Happiness

Everyone longs for happiness. We acquire materials things such as money to lead a comfortable life which we think would make us happier and more contented. But the truth is that these material comforts won’t make us really happy. Happiness is an inner feeling of well-being. It is within us. As some Indian philosophers say, “we are bliss” which means that we are happiness per se. The problem happens when we seek it outside. We are in bliss in our pure existence itself. But many factors distract us from being aware of this bliss or supreme happiness.

We mistake pleasure for happiness. A good food may give you pleasure, but may not give you happiness. But when you skip one meal and give that to another who hasn’t you may feel happiness. Most of the time happiness lies in giving rather than taking. If you give happiness to others you will be happy. But remember that happiness cannot be made. You cannot make anybody happy by giving him/her material things and comforts.
The following tips would make you happy:

• Stop comparing yourself with others.
• Know yourself.
• Try to know others than judging them.
• Have an open mind.
• Put an end to greed.
• Be satisfied with what you have.
• Begin each day in gratitude.
• Take life as a gift than a challenge.
• Remember your worth doesn’t depend on what you have but on what you are.
• Be altruistic.
• Make true friendships.
• Solve life’s little problems with prudence.
• Think twice before you speak( it is an old saying)
• Try to put yourself in the place of the other.
• Know others.
• Understand others.
• Avoid prejudice.
• Have a positive attitude.(Be optimistic)
• Avoid extremes.
• Be truthful in your thoughts words and deeds.
• Be unique.
• Follow your own counsel. (There is a saying, ‘a wise man follows his own counsel)
• Be realistic.
• Build strong family relationships.
• Live in the present moment.
• Know your weaknesses.
• Acknowledge goodness in others.
• Appreciate others.
• Stop competing with others.

To conclude, happiness is something which springs from honesty, openness, optimism, realistic knowledge and clear thinking. It is given to those who lead a humble and simple life. Those who find pleasure in material comforts may become frustrated and dejected at the end. As the Bible says, ‘naked you came to this world and naked shall you return’. Live in present moment with detachment. You will eventually become happiness itself from which nothing can deprive you of.










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