Are You Serious About Making Money?

If yes, be ready not to follow it. Once you stop going after it, it will chase you until you are fed up with money. This secret is known only to millionaires. If you ask them whether they have ever set targets for making money alone, they will say a big ‘no’ to it. They kept on doing what their intuitive spirit told them and immense wealth followed them. Had they aimed money alone they wouldn’t have become millionaires. They even forgot about it and instead they tried hard to fulfill their dreams. These ‘dreams’ are not the dreams one see in the sleep but they are dreams that will never allow one to sleep until they are materialized.

Richness and wealth are like a beautiful lady. Once you try to win her heart you tend to fail. And when you ignore her she would notice you. She would find something unique in you. That quality will draw her closer to you. Even when she comes closer to you, please keep your cool. Don’t be hasty. If you project that you are vulnerable, she may identify and desert you. In course of time, when she can’t live without you, possess her. And she will be yours.

Similarly, focus on what you are doing at present. Keep doing what is right for you. Follow your own counsel. You are blessed with such immense potentialities to recognize what is good and suitable for you. Don’t try to imitate other millionaires. Their ways may not fit in for you. They worked for them and that doesn’t mean that it would work for you. Maintain your uniqueness and excel in your field. Money and material prosperity will follow you.


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