Song of the Rain by Kahlil Gibran

Khalil Gibran, a renowned poet and novelist who is famous for his novel, “Prophet”. His writings are spiritualistic, philosophical and  mystical. Here in the poem, ‘Song of the Rain’, he points out every trivial aspect of rain which we don’t usually notice. It’s full of comparisons, metaphors and similes. The poet compares the drops of the rain with the dotted silver threads. It is dropped from heaven by gods. Moreover, it is a life-giving force that elates and smiles all, flowers, fields and valleys.

In the universe, the rain performs many functions. It is send by Nature to adorn its fields, valleys and gardens. Hills laugh, flowers rejoice and ‘all are elated’ when it rains. It quenches the thirst of fields and cures the ‘aliment’ of clouds. It embraces flowers and trees in a million little ways. It is the ‘sigh’ of the sea, ‘laughter’ of the field and the ‘tears’ of heaven.

The poet uses some words such as ‘cry’, ‘humble’ and bow to indicate different intensities with which the rain falls. ‘Cry’ here denotes the full blast of rain that makes ‘hills laugh’ as they receive a lot of rainy water. The word ‘humble’ stands for mild intensity of rain that makes flowers dance and rejoice themselves.  ‘Bow’ denotes a general rainfall that elates all.

Naturally, when the rain falls into water drops it quenches the thirst of fields. The parched fields only wait for the rain. the rain cures the ailment of clouds. They want to burst and become overbearing. But when it rains the clouds empty themselves into showers and become light again to float in the sky.

The poet says that the rain embraces the trees in about million little ways. it is just a hyperbolic expression. The rain embraces the trees when the showers or drops of rain fall on them. The showers fall on the trees and go deep into their roots. Even rivers, lakes and drains carry rain water that reaches plants and trees.

The rain has its own music. Everyone can hear the music and song of the rain. But not all can understand and feel it deeply. Only those with sensitive and delicate heats and minds can feel and understand the song of the rain.

The rain and the earth are inseparably linked. The rain rises from the sea in water vapours. The vapours go up in the sky, cool down and fall down in the form of showers. So the poet calls rain as earthly life.

Khalil Gibran ends the poem with philosophical overtones. The rain has been termed as a ‘sigh’  rising from the deep love of affection. It is like a laughter that colours the soul. It is like ‘tears’ that fall from the endless heaven of memories.

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