How to Manage Stress in Your Profession? 

Expert Author Bijosh Vathalloor

Every day has its own worries. Therefore, the best strategy to tackle stress in your job is to face each challenge at a time. If we brood over the problems yet to come we can’t be at ease even a single day. Tell your mind, “Tomorrow never comes” or ‘tomorrow never dies” and you will have the strength to confront the challenges of today. If you are employed the cause of your stress can be two fold- one from the management and another from the customers. Every management sets forward its own targets and you are forced to meet the target in a stipulated time. And when you think you can’t accomplish the task within the deadline, it would lead to frustration and worry. At this juncture, I believe the following tips may be helpful.

Meet each challenge as an isolated one. Don’t try to mix up many problems together. Each one is unique and it has to be tackled differently. Seek help from those who are near you, may be your own colleagues, friends or family members. Share your problem with them. Don’t try to flee from the situation because it will only worsen it. Avoid loose talk on the issue as it will give others a negative impression of your intentions. In frustration, you are likely to express what you think about the worst side of the issue. Be optimistic and be ready to face the worst. Console yourself that it is not the end of the world. Never lose temper. Try to address the issue with prudence and poise. Don’t show others that you are embarrassed. Gather courage. Realize that there were many people in the world who faced the similar situations. And still there are many at the moment. You are not the only one who is going through such tribulations. There are billions of people having trillions of problems. Your problem is trivial and insignificant compared to them. For you, it may seem a great thing for the time being, but after some years it would be a very futile thing. Therefore, avoid such irrational conclusions. Face the situation as it is.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy. The satisfaction from your job largely depends on how you tackle the everyday problems. If you face them with prudence and poise, you will have the last laugh and you will become stronger, smarter for tomorrow. And keep in mind, “tomorrow never comes”.


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