If you’re the  one who cleans the out side of a cup and of a plate,

when the inside is full of dirt, filth and stains;

If you’re doing make-ups to your face,

when your heart is full of greed and self-indulgence;

If you strive hard to be righteous to others,

when your inside is full of lawlessness;

If you build beautiful mansions using colourful paints,

when your parents are wandering in the streets,

or longing to see you from old age homes;

If you whitewash your tombs, and graves’

neglecting the good deeds of those who are lying inside;

If you wear those decent attire,

when your heart is filled with the filth of bigotry;

If you are called a ‘gentleman’ in the society;

When you turn your face against the needy and poor;

If you are too much obsessed with your physical appearance,

When you shut your eyes to naked realities around you;

You are a hypocrite who will be rightly judged be God in course of time.


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