Faith in God, Religion and Rituals

There are only thousands in this world who have real faith in God,

Around a quarter of the mankind have faith in  a religion

While 74.99 percentage of people have faith in rituals.

To  which of the three do you belong to?

If it is the first,

You first despise rituals and dogmas,

You cease to be a follower of any organized religion,

Saying good-bye to rituals and creeds,

You develop a filial relationship with the Supreme.

Unfortunately you would be called an ‘atheist’ and ‘agnostic’

by the second and the third group.

The  members of the second  are meticulous followers

of organized religions in the world,

They lead a life of dogma and religious conduct.

If you belong to this group, you are self-righteous,

you have contempt for other faiths and religions other than yours.

You would be even ready to be a crusader for your religion.

You consider people of other faiths as ‘unbelievers’ and destined

to be killed and beheaded which is sanctioned by your religious dogma.

the third group have staunch faith in rituals,

they consider God as a human being

who can be pleased with offerings.

They offer flowers, candles and gold

to please their god-heads to please them.

If they are not pleased, they go for another god


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