Happiness tablets

Seek not happiness in others,

For they need only pleasures.

Search not happiness in things,

Since they are momentary.

Neither in money nor in power,

Thou shall not search happiness,

As they all come and go.

Seek it however within you,

For it is your innate nature.

It is in loving when you are not loved,

It is in giving when you are not given,

It is in sharing when you are not shared with,

It is in sacrifice for others who forsake you.

It is in faith that you are life,

Your life is unique.

It is to realize that how blessed you are,

nevertheless stop comparing and competing.

What others think about you is none of your business.

Stop listening to others but listen to your sounds within,

breathing and heartbeat.

Don’t expect anything from others,

But plant the seeds of hope, trust and faith

in whoever you come across.

Be sincere to you when everyone else is insincere to you.

Happiness is neither a target nor a destination,

It is already realized and present within you.

It costs nothing, It doesn’t take much time rather,

It is at your finger tip, within your being.

Regain and be in bliss for ever now.


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