An Incredible Journey

The other day on a disgusting dusk,

Leaning on my rectangular desk,

I made a casual journey,

Into the deep recesses of my being.

First I intruded my past

Where I met many charectors

Some figures I could not figure out

Still others intruding even to my remote future.

Some oblivious ones popped up,

In company of some vivid ones,

The truth is that only some of them

Really matter to me now and majority of them are

Irrelevant, ambiguous and uninteresting.

Some of them who are intruding my present and future

Are the victims of my sins and virtues.

Some among them were my friends, kins and kids.

Then I made a journey into my present

Where I met only some vague memories,

Utopian thoughts and hopes,

And some petty plans for future.

The feeling that haunts me now is-

I haven’t grown gracefully old.

I traveled with my aimless senses and lust

Which bruised my ego, stopped my growth.

Just then I couldn’t resist moving away from my desk

To the floor where I took a posture-savasana.

I took some deep breaths and told myself-‘relax’.

Then I probed into my future.

And it was a new year day,

I came up with those resolutions

To travel with my virtues and gracefully grow old.

And I found I am going to have a promising future,

My wounded past will no longer haunt me.

I am now free to be responsible, righteous, and good.


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