Helen Keller on Education

Helen Keller,  was an American woman who spellbound the whole world by becoming a world famous writer overcoming all his physical inabilities-blindness, deafness and dumbness.In this present world scenario, we find many people with all abilities and power never achieve anything. They are leading a lethargic life! Here, I would like to share some of his views on education.

Helen believed that education is best approached when it is done in a joyful and leisurely manner.If done so, it brings in immeasurable joy and satisfaction to the learner. Hence, when she was in her college, or during the holidays she embarked on various activities outside. She used to take her god out for a walk. She said in her autobiography that she had many dog-friends.Soft-eyed Spaniad-friendly and lovely bull terriers and many others. She had always love animals as she thought that they were also similar to her in the way that both were dumb.

She also loved and enjoyed riding her tandem-bike. She also had a passion for canoeing and sailing. Whenever her friends visited during holidays, she used to take them for a boat ride in which she rowed the boat with someone helping her to steer the boat. It is not exaggeration that she even loved sailing in the sea.

Helen also learnt from mother nature. She described about her tree friends namely and the banyan  and mahagany tree whose presence made her feel happy. In leisure time she used to sit under the shade of these trees.


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