Obama’s Diary


27th January 28, 2015

  1. PM

Last two days were really amazing. The man with grey beard and broad chest (Narendra Modi) surprised me with his meticulous planning. His foresight is enthralling. His words,” I have developed a friendship with Barak” was so capturing. He spoke with accuracy and clarity.

I was also amazed to be in the largest democracy. It is the most spiritual country in the world. Although I spoke specially about Sharuk Khan and back waters of Kerala, I need to talk about it more. My wife too was dumbstruck to see such a fabulous country. I could feel the vibrant pulses of such an incredible country. Such a mighty country that has never attacked any other country in its longest history of human civilization.

It remained peaceful in the midst of all these internal and external pluralities. It is a unity in diversity which is found no where in the world. It co-exists with fundamentalist Pakistan and Atheistic China. Now I know why many scientists in NASA are from India. I also know that this country produces the largest workforce in the world.

I think this country is one of the present world wonders. Such a variety of life can rarely be found. It is the cradle of prosperity and poverty, luxury and misery, science and superstition. It is full of ironies. All these hostile forces co-exist. They all complement each other.But on The Republic Day I found them to be one under one roof. I could see their pride in being a citizen of India. They venerate their national anthem. They respect their culture. After all they boast of their unique culture.

Undoubtedly, future is there for this nation. By 2050 it would be dominant than any other country both spiritually and materially. To be brief, my visit was really fulfilling. Hope to come here often not officially but unofficially and personally in future.

Barack Obama


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