Teachers of Man

The first teacher of man is an ant

Which adapts, plans and survives,

teams, shares and accommodates.

It is  sure of its ways

Hardworking and caring and

It doesn’t have time to be lazy and lethargic.

The second teacher of man is a child

Who has no past, no future, no present even

timeless, happy, contented, and clueless.

The third teacher of man is time

which levels, solves and executes the will of God

making mockery of all the grand plans of man.

The fourth one is  a mother

who forgives, forgets, gives, and loves

loving, caring, selfless and meek.

The fifth one is an experience

That teaches, updates, corrects and amends

However, it favours only who are adventurous.

The sixth one is a failure

That has two sisters and three  brothers-

sin, mistake, error, flaws and crimes.

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