Vocabulary of Death, terror and murder

Down through the centuries,

Man has coined many words,

Out numbering synonyms for love,

Compassion, and other such sublime needs.

They alarmingly even add more words

than to those three basic needs of man.

These words-murder, massacre, assassination,

homicide, gynecide, inanticide and many more,

Fancy many people including youths.

Suicide is self justified

When ‘to die is less painful than to live’,

Open your eyes to see the  naked episodes

of  patricide, matricide,

parenticide, fraticide, sororcide,

Viricide, uxoricide, and parricide,

just in front of you.

That give alarms of the end of the world-populicide

To show the causes for these phenomena

I would like to coin some new ones-religiocide,

And some manias-

druggomania, gluttonomania, eudomania.

The Lesser evils beome intense- euthanasia, and  aborticide.

Devices framed by these killers are  innumerable-

guillotine, sword, gas chambers,

cross, guns, bombs, viruses.

I dare to frame some more-

Deserts, human greed, fundamentalism,

wombs, places of worship and work.

The mode of killing has a long list-

beheading, swording, pearcing,

bombing, buchering, slaughering,

choking and  suffocating.

It is triggered by the spirits of

war, religion, country, ethnicity and race,

Traditional Causes of death are many

disease, old age, or natural calamities

like Tsunami and earth quakes.

At the end I would like to restate some words

To prohecise the days to come,

Provided proper actions were not taken,

The 50 years from now will witness genocide,

The next 150 years would see ecocide leading

To mundicide which will eventually culminate

In omnicide-ex nihilo-omega point.


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