Education for all

Every man is a learner,

Everything is the learned.

Knowers are those who,

are discontented with

what is known so far.

The doors to the known

are many although knowers

resemble in quest, gust

and a sense of wonder,

that is never ending.

Time, space and senses,

play a vital role in knower

and known, learner and the learned.

Time perfects, purifies, verifies

the three hands of knowledge-

truth, wisdom and understanding.

Space opens, accommodates and reconstruct

the three faculties of knowledge-

Observation, experiment,and research.

Senses get realize, revitalize,and transcend

six hands of it-

vision, sound, smell, touch, taste and mind.

With all these ramifications

the Knower and the known still remain mysteries

and what is known about them is history.


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